OPL is a small but highly dedicated company based in Bristol (UK), whose specialist field is the mathematical and numerical modelling of the dynamics of computer generated objects.

Over the past 20 years our work has been almost exclusively directed towards the development of our HyperMatter software library, together with numerous custom-designed extensions and additions, for producing 'high quality' real-time dynamics and physically based motions and effects.

The primary applications for HyperMatter include computer games and toys, 3D computer animation, virtual reality and simulated environments, scientific and medical visualisation, graphical web content authoring tools, etc.

As portable graphical hardware devices become increasingly more powerful, we aim also to address possible future markets relating to ebooks/readers, graphical web content creation tools, etc.

Our main design principles are accuracy and precision, simplicity, clarity and ease of use, and we derive all our methods, algorithms and technologies from first principles.

We are also engaged in the design and development of two other background software projects.


If you would like to consider incorporating HyperMatter into your products or applications, or if you have specialist knowledge or experience and would like to collaborate developing a HyperMatter project, then you are welcome to contact us to explore possibilities.
company registration number (UK) : 02929799