Download HyperMatter Demo Standalone

We invite software product designers and developers to download our HyperMatter Demo Standalone to explore the wide range of motion styles and behaviours that HyperMatter can add to your applications and products.


Operating System: The HyperMatter Standalone application was originally compiled on Windows XP (32 bit), but will run on later Microsoft Windows (32 bit) operating systems, including Windows Vista, 7,8 and Windows 10 (64 bit).

Graphics Card: Minimal should be OK (at worst, you may find one or two example scenes that apply 'shadows' do not render properly. We include alternative scenes without shadows in case these are problematic with your particular graphics card).


Screen size: ideally, wide screen.


The HyperMatter folder hierarchy (approx 10 MB) contains HyperMatter Demo Standalone executable (.exe) + OGRE DLL + NVidia Cg DLLs + example scenes files + texture files + help files + license files.

The HyperMatter Demo Standalone operates entirely within its own folder hierarchy. It does not access your computer's registry, and does not require an internet connection. It does not include any 'adwares' or other 'malwares', or any third party promotional materials.

The OGRE rendering software is released by Torus Knot Software Ltd, and is included within the current distribution under Creative Commons license.


Download and unpack the HyperMatter folder hierarchy to the desired location, locate the 'HyperMatter/bin' folder, and double-click on the executable (e.g. ‘HyperMatterDemo_123.exe').

To get started, find the HyperMatter 'Help' menu, and browse some of the Help documents, ... or simply load an example scene via the 'File' menu, press the Play button (marked '>' in the main Playback/Animation controls at the bottom of the application), and hopefully you should find your way around the various controls easily.

Download HypeMatter Standalone:

[click here]