We list here a few broad categories of possible HyperMatter projects. Some of these might be more ambitious than others.

Animation Plug-ins and 'In-House' Applications and Tools:

Plug-ins for professional, high-end computer animation systems (e.g. Maya, Softimage, 3DStudio), or perhaps more specialised applications for in-house use (e.g. for facial animation). One big advantage of using HyperMatter for computer animation is that it does not need to run in real-time, and can therefore allow much greater complexity, detail and control.

And, as explained earlier, writing a HyperMatter plug-in is particularly simple using the HMScene function approach. Of course, this approach won't be suitable for all your physically based needs. But, provided the effects you wish to use can be created within the Standalone, this approach does have many advantages, and can be implemented very quickly. And, once the basic set-up is implemented, there are many ways the plug-in can be extended, incrementally, as and when their need arises.

Toys, Games, Novelties and Gimmicks:

Ideas for toys and games often spring to mind whilst playing with HyperMatter and experimenting.

Control mechanisms built around HyperMatter functionality combined with elements adapted from traditional games of skill, such as crazy-golf, pinball, tennis, ice-hockey, etc, etc, might suggest one avenue to explore. More simple ideas could perhaps be included in a 'compendium of games'.

Other ideas might form the basis of more complex and ambitious games or toys. For example, vehicular-based 'construction kit' type toys, in which the player can design, build and drive their own vehicles (e.g. 'Martian rovers'), or maybe involving some sort of 'Mission Impossible' or 'robot wars' type scenario.

However, if you start from a 'pre-existing' game concept, and ask whether HyperMatter can achieve a specific effect or style of motion that you want in your particular game, then the chance of HyperMatter 'exactly' fitting your requirements may be reduced - unless your designs can incorporate some flexibility. The more flexibility you are prepared to admit, then, of course, the more likely HyperMatter will produce good results.

As portable devices become increasingly more powerful, content creation tools could be developed that give users the means to create more frivolous, light-weight novelties, gimmicks, puzzles, jokes, etc, that might be fun or amusing, maybe just to send to friends or colleagues. And, of course, the same remarks apply to advertising and promotional materials. Physically based scenarios represent a much more powerful and interesting form of presentation than just standard text and images.

Educational - Scientific - Medical - Virtual Reality

There are many potential applications of HyperMatter, many of which we have probably not even thought of. Use the Standalone application to test your ideas, at least to first-order approximation. And, of course, we can help or advise you on any technical issues relating to HyperMatter's viability.

Physical Pictures

If your company has already been exploring the possibility of 3D-image creation technologies, for use as illustrations in e-books, web pages, etc, then, since 'motion' will probably be the weakest link in the chain, you will almost certainly want to consider physically based approaches. Our Demo Standalone will hopefully demonstrate the substantial role that HyperMatter can play in these contexts.

In practice, the realisation of 'physical pictures' (see previous section) will require, on the one hand, special software authoring tools for creating and editing the physically based scenes, and, on the other hand, complementary technologies needed to display the scenes in the recipient's documents, as and when appropriate.

The latter technologies will depend obviously on the type of target document encapsulating the physical picture itself, and would also be dependent on the hardware capabilities of the recipient's device or machine. Hardware technologies are becoming increasingly more powerful, so hopefully even smaller, portable devices will soon be sufficiently powerful and robust.

Contact Us

If you, or your company, has specialised knowledge and experience in fields relevant to these projects or objectives, and might be in a position to help develop such technologies, or would like to consider incorporating HyperMatter into your products or applications, then you would be very welcome to contact us to explore possibilities.